Waste system in healthcare institutions

Stansz BV Drachten was recently commissioned to supply and install a Stansz waste system for healthcare institutions using a chute in the existing healthcare centre Savelberg in Gouda, part of Zorgpartners Midden-Holland in Gouda.

The waste system will enable used linen, general waste and plastics to be disposed of separately from each floor. The intake openings on the floors will be fitted with a digital display which allows the user to select the type of item for removal. On the ground floor, the chute flows are collected automatically by a Stansz linear distribution system into rolling containers already set in place. The positions of the rolling containers are programmed into the waste system’s control program.

Residents, staff and visitors will soon no longer be inconvenienced by unsightly waste. Lifts, corridors and stairs remain free of linen carts and waste containers and the surroundings look clean.

What is unique about this project is that the waste system is mounted on the outside of the side wall of the 9-storey building (see image below).

Installation of the waste system will be completed this summer.

The main contractor is De Vries & Verburg Stolwijk.