Stansz your building - improve logistical processes

Improve your logistics and efficiency. Duct waste, linen and confidential documents away directly and quickly from any department. Via an insertion hatch or door everything will end up directly in an enclosed space on the ground floor or in the basement. This means that there is no more linen cluttering up the floor. Save on costs, and experience the convenience of automated waste separation.

Efficient and quick work is easy with a Stansz chute system for waste and dirty linen. Choose from the different options for separating and storing waste, depending on the waste streams: for example a 4-container carousel or a linear system. Integrate this smart chute system into your building and experience the benefits yourself.
All the Stansz chute systems are customised to your requirements and are modular in construction. View the Stansz chute system below. This advanced chute system offers the most options for automatic waste disposal. An adapted version of the Stansz chute system for linen is also available for the removal of such items as confidential documents or paper. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs. Stansz engineers are happy to work with you to give you exactly what you need. Make clever use of our drawings and specification overviews during the design phase of your building.

Feel free to contact us via email, or call us without obligation on: +31 (0)512 82 00 26.

The advantages of Stansz for buildings

    • Sustainable

    Separating waste sustainably and quickly has never been easier. Select the different waste streams you want to dispose of yourself and separate them from the source. Our chutes are circular and every part used in our systems can be recycled. With the number of elevator movements and the use of electricity kept to a minimum, it is possible to achieve considerable energy savings.

    • Efficiency

    Reduce logistical operations. Eliminate the need to spend unnecessary time carting waste around. Have it all removed automatically and already separated. This helps create a pleasant environment: lifts, corridors and stairways remain free of linen carts and the surroundings look clean and tidy. Removing waste and linen by traditional logistical means has become a thing of the past.

    • Save costs

    Remove waste and dirty linen with the touch of a button. Stansz uses self-cleaning stainless steel and the system works by means of gravity. With the number of elevator movements and the use of electricity kept to a minimum, you can achieve considerable cost and energy savings.

    • Save floor space

    Because waste is removed from a department immediately, it no longer takes up on each floor. Nor is additional elevator capacity needed for waste removal. This allows you to make better use of your available floor space.

Waste and linen chutes

Remove two to six or more waste streams fully automatically and separately to the ground floor or basement. Transport your waste and linen vertically and efficiently from upper floors.

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Linen chutes

Remove your linen or confidential documents sustainably and speedily with the Stansz chute system. This system is suitable for removing one single stream, e.g. of linen or paper.

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Stansz linen chute options

  • Sorting options

    For more storage capacity and optimal sorting options, you can opt for a 4-container carousel or a linear system. Limit waste nuisance to an absolute minimum and duct away two to six or more different waste streams fully automatically.

  • Ventilator

    Choose optimal comfort and install a ventilator on the top of the chute tube. The ventilator creates underpressure in the chute and discharges air. The installation of the ventilator must be carried out in accordance with the applicable building regulations.

  • Stansz mobile cleaning unit

    Clean the chute on the inside with the Stansz mobile cleaning unit. This maintenance service from Stansz keeps the chute clean and in optimal condition. The cleaning unit moves a nozzle vertically through the chute. The washing water is collected and transported to a collection tank, a drain or treatment plant.

  • Service

    Optimal operation of your Stansz chute system is very important. If you decide to use the Stansz Service Department, our technicians will come for periodic inspections. They will perform preventive and corrective maintenance on location This will give you the certainty that your system will always work properly.