Newly constructed laboratory

The construction of a new laboratory was completed in August 2017. The laboratory has been fitted with a Stansz Waste Chute System over two floors. Already during the design stage of this trendsetting project, the importance of fast and efficient waste management was taken into account. This made it possible for this sustainable solution to be integrated in the building in an efficient and aesthetic way.


Sustainable solution with high storage capacity

The advantage of this is that waste management does not interfere with the core business. In this way the maximum possible benefit is derived from the building and the processes. A central collection point with high storage capacity on the ground floor means that logistical activities are reduced to a minimum. The laboratory opted for the Stansz container carousel in which chemically contaminated laboratory waste is collected and stored in a fully automated manner.


Integrated chute system for efficient logistics

For the efficient disposal of laboratory waste, they opted for the application of the Stansz Waste Chute System. This system makes it possible to separate multiple waste streams automatically. With waste disposal points on each floor, the waste can quickly be removed from the departments. As a result, there is no accumulation of waste in the departments and there is no need for waste carts or containers doing collections around the departments. This creates an uncluttered and clean environment and makes being in the building more pleasant.

The design by RoosRos Architecten, a firm of architects in Oud-Beijerland, was created in full compliance with the wishes of the client. The construction company De Vries & Verburg in Stolwijk undertook the construction of the new building.

The benefits for the laboratory include:

  • No more waste in the departments
  • Central waste collection
  • The building is a more pleasant place to be in
  • Fast and efficient waste processing