Rabobank Sittard

The new Advice Centre of Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek in Sittard is a building that eminently suits Rabobank as well as its environment. A light and transparent building where customers, members and employees meet in a lively environment. The new building accommodates 320 employees, a reception area, auditorium, restaurant, call centre, flexible workspaces, large meeting rooms, concentration rooms and various office spaces.

The design of Mecanoo architects is open and transparent and consists of an office building of approx. 7,000 m2 with 5 storeys and a 2-storey parking garage of approx. 4,500 m2. The entire project was designed using the Building Information Model in Revit, whereby the Revit model was centrally accessible to all the parties involved via a server at Mecanoo. This enabled engineers and installers to log in remotely and consult the design through a Skype connection. This is the new way of working with flexible workplaces; at the end of the day your desk needs to be empty and all the papers and documents have disappeared from your workplace, because tomorrow your workplace is somewhere else.

This new way of working also requires the creation of a tidy workplace. The use of the Stansz chute system for waste enablesRabobank staff to remove confidential documentation easily and discretely from the workplace.

The benefits provided by a chute for documents and paper are:

  • No documents left lying around with confidential information.
  • It creates order and calm in the work environment.
  • Takes up very little space.
  • No more messing around with waste containers or waste bins in the departments.
  • Paper with confidential information is removed via a secure system.
  • The intake opening is fully integrated in the interior