Waste and - linen chute

Every building is unique in terms of design and use. The logistics concerned with waste flows are therefore also unique for each building. If multiple (complex) waste flows need to be disposed of separately inside a building, the Stansz Chute System offers an effective solution for waste and used linen!

Smart and effective
The Stansz Waste and Linen Chute System makes smart use of gravity. The system is designed on the basis of a 600mm round chute and intake doors (or hatches) with fall-in protection, manufactured from durable stainless steel 304. The system has sophisticated controls operated via a modular touch screen.
This enables the user to dispose of multiple waste streams automatically and separately. From hospital waste to confidential documents. From linen to residual waste. It makes it possible to work more efficiently and save time and space. Automated separation takes place at a central point on the ground floor or in the basement. Reduce waste nuisance to an absolute minimum and dispose of two to six or more different waste streams in a fully automated way.

The Stansz chute system is perfect for environments such as: hospitals, care institutions and office buildings, to mention but a few. But the Stansz chute system also offers added value in other multi-storey buildings. Take a look at all the benefits and the effectiveness of the Stansz chute system for healthcare facilities and get the most out of your building.




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