Linen Chute System

Every building is unique in terms of design and use. The logistics concerned with waste flows are therefore also unique for each building. If multiple (complex) waste flows need to be removed inside a building, the Stansz Linen Chute system offers an effective solution!

Smart and effective
The Stansz Linen Chute System makes smart use of gravity. The system is designed on the basis of a square chute tube and insert doors (or hatches) made of Sendzimir galvanized steel plates. The system is controlled in a sophisticated way by means of the Stansz control system. This control system with electrical interlock gives an impulse to the access openings for the signalling ‘release’ or ‘blocking’. When a door is opened, the other doors are blocked.
Save floor space with this chute for linen. Lifts and stairways remain free of waste transport. The linen comes straight from the stores into the basement or on the ground floor. Duct linen away quickly and efficiently via intake doors on each floor.

The Stansz linen chute system is perfect for hotels. Take a look at all the benefits and the effectiveness of the Stansz chute system for hotels and get the most out of your building.




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