Stansz your healthcare institution - for optimal hospitality

Make smart use of gravity and remove used linen and waste directly from the department with the Stansz chute system for waste and linen. Via an insertion hatch or door, waste directly enters the linen room on the ground floor or in the basement. This eliminates linen and waste clutter in the various departments.

The innovative Stansz chute system contributes to an optimal environment for the recovery of patients. Patients, staff and visitors are not inconvenienced by accumulated waste. Lifts, corridors and stairways remain free of linen carts and containers and the environment looks clean.

This contributes to making it a more pleasant environment to be in and benefits the recovery and well-being of patients and staff.

Reduce logistical operations and work efficiently and hygienically.

The benefits of Stansz in healthcare

    • Sustainable

    Durable and quick separation of waste has never been easier. You can decide on the different waste streams you wish to remove and separate from the source. Our chutes are circular and all the parts used in our systems can be recycled.

    • Reduced workload

    Reduce the number of logistical actions. Personnel no longer need to spend unnecessary time carting away waste and used linen. Having waste ducted away automatically and separately leaves more time for the patient. The removal of waste and linen through traditional logistics becomes unnecessary.

    • Save costs

    Duct waste and used linen away at the touch of a button. Stansz uses stainless steel, self-cleaning material and the system works on the basis of gravity. With the number of elevator movements and the use of electricity kept to a minimum, it is possible to achieve considerable energy savings.

    • Hygiene

    Create a pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors. With intake openings on each floor, no waste or used linen remains in the department. This allows waste streams to be separated from other movement streams. Reduce the risk of infection and increase comfort.

How does Stansz work in Healthcare

  • Stansz chute

    The round chute’s diameter measures 600 mm on the inside. It is manufactured from stainless steel 304. The floor holes for mounting the chute are arranged perpendicularly above each other. The top of the chute is closed and a ventilator can be fitted as an option.

  • Stansz intake door or hatch

    The intake openings can be fitted with a door or a drop hatch. Both options can be fitted into a built-in frame. The doors are provided with a tilting rack and mechanical fall-in protection. The doors and frames have fire resistance insulation for 60 minutes.

  • Stansz control panel

    The intake doors are simple to operate by means of a touch screen control panel. A display screen allows you to choose a waste stream. The touch screen is modular. This makes it possible to change waste streams without the need for mechanical adjustments to the installation.

  • Stansz operating system

    The digital display is protected with an access code. This prevents unauthorized use. The control system gives an impulse to the control panel for visual and audible signaling ‘release’ or ‘blocking’. When a door is opened, the other doors are blocked with an electric lock.

  • Stansz fire safety valve

    The fire safety valve creates a fire partition on the ground floor or in the basement. The fire safety valve has a fire resistance of 60 minutes.

  • Stansz outlet with linear collection

    The chute is equipped with an outlet in the basement or on the ground floor.

    For more storage capacity, a linear collection system is another option. You can operate two to six or more different waste streams completely automatically. As soon as the first container is full, the chute outlet moves on to an empty cart. This ensures a continuous flow and reduces waste nuisance to an absolute minimum.

  • Stansz outlet with container carousel

    The chute is equipped with an outlet in the basement or on the ground floor.

    For more storage capacity another available option is for collection with a 4-container carousel. This allows you to complete up to four waste streams completely automatically. As soon as the first container is full, the carousel places an empty cart under the chute outlet. This ensures a continuous flow and reduces waste nuisance to an absolute minimum.

Options Stansz chute system for waste and linen

  • Sorting options

    For more storage capacity and optimal sorting options, you can opt for a 4-container carousel or a linear system. Limit waste nuisance to an absolute minimum and duct away two to six or more different waste streams fully automatically.

  • Ventilator

    Choose optimal comfort and install a ventilator on the top of the chute tube. This reduces odor nuisance to a minimum. The fan creates underpressure in the chute and discharges air. The installation of the fan must be carried out in accordance with the applicable building regulations.

  • Stansz mobile cleaning unit

    Clean the chute on the inside with the Stansz mobile cleaning unit. This maintenance service from Stansz keeps the chute clean and in optimal condition. The cleaning unit moves a nozzle vertically through the chute. The washing water is collected and transported to a collection tank, a drain or treatment plant.

  • Service

    Optimal operation of your Stansz chute system is very important. If you decide to use the Stansz Service Department, our technicians will come for periodic inspections. They will perform preventive and corrective maintenance on location This will give you the certainty that your system will always work properly.