Parc Drieën-Huysen Vlaardingen

In the autumn of 2016 construction company Boele & van Eesteren Rijswijk started on the construction of a new nursing home with 80 social rental apartments for people with a low care need assessment and 81 care units for somatic care in Vlaardingen.

The project consists of three buildings with a total of 161 apartments which are connected to each on the ground floor. The 80 social housing units measure about 70 square meters each and have a spacious living room, bathroom and a spacious balcony. The houses are intended for residents with a low care need assessment from the current Drieën-Huysen located next to the new development.
In addition to the social rental housing, 81 care units will be created for residents with a high care need assessment from Drieën-Huysen. The care units are approximately 44 square meters and have their own living room with kitchenette, spacious bathroom and a separate bedroom. The care centre and the social rented housing are being built in an energy-efficient way, for example with high-quality insulation of the walls and frames. In addition, the construction site is located in a wooded environment that will be retained as much as possible. All units are equipped as standard with home automation.

Stansz Chute System
In addition to these facilities, the care building will be equipped with a fully automatic waste separation system supplied by Stansz over the entire 9 floors. A Stansz insert door is located on each floor. The waste or soiled materials are collected and sorted on the ground floor by means of a Stansz Combi Carousel. This means that both waste and linen can be disposed of easily, hygienically and efficiently.
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