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Briquetting machinery

Creating high density, and a very low residual moisture.

Stansz produces chips compression units for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The briquettes have a density of up to 85% and overall residual moisture of 1 %.

Two cylinders pressing system

Stansz briquetting machinery, works according to a two cylinder principle where the chips are being compressed from both sides. This technique results in a higher pressure on the material in comparison to the one cylinder system in which the material is pressed against a fixed block. Because of this technique we are able to press even the hardest chips and having a minor depreciation of the machinery. After treatment by the compressing unit the briquettes are ready for the recycling industry!

Further advantages of implementing a compressing unit is the volume reduction. Hence, savings on transportation and production costs, higher earnings on the secondary chips streams and cut down on costs for coolants. 

Advantages of compressing briquettes

According to the EU-regulation 333/2011, compressed briquettes are seen as a secondary material instead of waste. Therefore, the briquettes can be transported without any regulatory issues.

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Aluminium Capacity

85/105/180 kg/h

125/225/350 kg/h

198/325/425 kg/h

400/580/760 kg/h

650/850/1375 kg/h

Steel Capacity

280 kg/h

320 kg/h

495 kg/h

850 kg/h

1200 kg/h

Capacity per hour - circa

120-180 briketten

120-180 briketten

120-180 briketten

120-180 briketten

120-180 briketten


Cylinder Diameter

240 mm

280 mm

350 mm

420 mm

510 mm

Diameter Briquette

65/80/100  mm

80/100/125 mm

100/125/150 mm

125/150/180 mm

150/180/225 mm

Max. height Briquette

80 mm

80 mm

80 mm

90 mm

100 mm


Oil pressure

320 bar

320 bar

320 bar

320 bar

320 bar

Compression Briquette

3600 kg/cm2

3600 kg/cm2

3600 kg/cm2

3600 kg/cm2

3600 kg/cm2

Oil tank

300 l

600 l

800 l

800 l

1200 l

Hydraulic pomp

15 kW

22 kW

22 kW

30 kW

37 kW

Mentioned capacities are indicative. Capacities, density and the de-oiling level always depends on the shape, material and the hardness of the chips. We perform sample tests to indicate the precise specifics.

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