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Stansz, Shredders

By implementing a shredder, the chips are reduced to a significant size in which the briquette will have a higher density. Stansz shredders are maintenance friendly, have a compact lay-out, are of low build-in height and reduce the volume of the chips in a simple manner. The knives and screens are rapidly exchangeable, without having to dismantle the entire unit. The shredders are available as a solo unit, as build-in or can be placed directly beneath the chips conveyor belt of for instance processing machinery.

Our shredders differentiate in:

  • Suitable for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Compact lay-out
  • Easy in maintenance

Next to the single shaft shredders Stansz offers a broad variety of double shaft shredders. Double shafted shredders are specialized in handling a continuous stream of chips. The shredders are applicable and easy to incorporate in the compressing and waste handlings processes.

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